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Caroline Yoachim

Oatmeal vs. Steel Cut Oatmeal

Steel Cut Oatmeal with Craisins

I can't stand regular oatmeal. The flavor is fine, but the gloppy texture just doesn't do it for me. Most oatmeal is made with rolled oats -- oats that have been hulled, steamed, rolled, and flaked so that they cook quickly. Steel cut oats (aka Irish oats), on the other hand, are hulled oats cut into two or three pieces, rather than being squashed flat.

Steel cut oats take longer to cook, but they have a lovely chewy texture. This morning, I made some with brown sugar and cinnamon mixed in, topped with dried cranberries.


Bob's Red Mill? Mmmm.
McCann's Irish oatmeal, actually, although I've gotten Bob's Red Mill in the past and it's good too.

Coach's Oats

Try Coach's Oats (www.coachsoats.com). It's better than rolled oats or instant oats, but it cooks in five minutes instead of having to soak over night like steel cut. So good. :)