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Caroline Yoachim

Fun weekend happenings


Got to hang out with my CW 06 classmates Tina and Tina this weekend. Pictures on Flickr (http://www.flickr.com/photos/78523822@N00/sets/72157600481434273/). Highlights included:

- meeting the Clarion West 07 crowd
- delicious cheesy biscuits, courtesy of 2na.
- strawberry picking (and eating)
- pretty Birch Bay beaches
- ferry ride (complete with harbor seals, eagles, herons and baby sea gulls)
- baked french toast, courtesy of T1na.
- Sushi...where I discovered that I actually like sake. (It's sweeter than I thought.)

So, good company, tasty food, fun outdoorsy stuff....and 0 words written for the last 4 days.

This week's write-a-thon goal: Chapter 2 on the novel.


In general, the "cloudy" sake is sweeter - that is the unfiltered kind. I tend to prefer the unfiltered sweet kind to the not-sweet filtered (and visually clear) kind... It will say on the bottle which kind it is...

in case you go look for other sakes to try now :)

Huh. Good to know. And I'll be in Japan later this summer, so I'll certainly want to try some other sakes :)


I got to hang out with Becca and Paul Park at the SF in SF reading! :D